This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Client On-Boarding

  • Our team meets with you to establish fee structure, develop collections plan, design consumer communication method and strategy, execute account placement, and set forth protocols for account reporting, remittances and closings
  • The objective is to design an overall plan customized to meet your enterprise goals and needs

Collections Plan Execution

  • Our collections agents and managers will implement the client specific collections plan – we utilize our advanced telephone and account management technology to maximize consumer communication and account recovery rates
  • Accurate consumer information is critical to any successful recovery plan – our team implements skip tracing techniques (throughout the collections cycle) that include credit bureau reviews, electronic directories, on-line search resources, public records and third party vendor services
  • Collections performance is a priority to our team – we establish collections goals and benchmarks for our accounts, and we diligently track and measure our ongoing performance; our account management platform gathers information that allows us to conduct quantitative reviews of our performance, which helps us identify areas of success and areas of opportunity
  • Our management staff is hands-on and works closely with our collection agents; ongoing training and monitoring of calls and correspondence with consumers ensures we are following collections laws, engaging the consumer in a professional manner, and executing the client specific collections plan; our staff is vigilant about identifying potential problems and, if need be, we make adjustments quickly before an issue becomes a material operational or compliance risk

Consumer Engagement

  • Consumers are treated in a professional and courteous manner – we know that your relationship with your consumer is important; our style and manner of communication is crafted to help maintain a positive consumer relationship
  • We promptly respond to any consumer message, email or mail correspondence
  • Consumers who overpay on an account will be refunded within 14 days
  • Our collector agents are trained to engage consumers with a helpful, consumer service approach aimed at achieving payment in full on their account
  • Payment plans are offered in the event consumers are unable to fully resolve their account
  • We document consumer information and any consumer interaction on our account management system to assist in future collection efforts
  • In the event there is a consumer dispute or complaint, we assign senior staff to quickly resolve the matter; we log and track all consumer disputes and complaints

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