This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Account Management

  • Our collection agents are experienced and trained to represent your business on a first-party basis
  • Communication with your customers is seamless and tailored to your specifications – your customer will have the comfort they are speaking directly with

Pre-Collect/Early Out

  • Operating on a first or third-party basis, we can telephone or correspond in writing with your customers on your behalf
  • Our pre-collection agents implement techniques to motivate your customers to bring their accounts current
  • Pre-collection plans are especially designed for your company to maintain a business relationship with your customer

Contingency Collections

  • We accept life cycle from primary to quad/quant accounts for collection on a contingency fee basis
  • Collection plans and strategies are tailored for contingency collections based on age of accounts, type of debt and an analysis on collectability
  • We will seek to secure full payment, however suitable payment plans may be arranged to increase likelihood of recovery from consumer


  • Conduct reviews of placements and assist with your litigation referrals; we work with a national network of experienced collections attorneys
  • Our experienced staff and advanced account management platform enables us to securely transfer data, organize, and service high volume litigation placements nation-wide
  • Skip tracing technology and strategies allows our team to gather the most up-to-date consumer information to enhance litigation support and collections efforts


  • Our leadership team has more than 140 years of collective industry experience in all facets of debt collection
  • We can provide assistance in evaluating debt collection technology systems, risk management and compliance programs, and internal collections practices and methods

We look forward to helping you, contact us at [email protected]