We offer creditors the opportunity to partner with an agency that has extensive expertise managing accounts receivables. We are able to accept performing accounts for monitoring, early stage delinquencies, regular contingency collection accounts and accounts requiring litigation.

Account Management:

Our dedicated collector groups can represent you on a first party basis. We can communicate with your customers without them ever knowing that we are outside the walls of your facility. Friendly reminders that accounts are about to become past due, customer appreciation calls, and sales promotions are just a few of the programs that we can tailor to suit your needs.

Pre-Collect/Early Out:

Operating on a first or third party basis, we can telephone or correspond via mail with your customers on your behalf. GMC pre-collection representatives are trained to employ the most successful "soft sell" techniques to motivate your customers to bring their accounts current, without jeopardizing the goodwill you share.

Contingency Collections:

We may accept primary, secondary or tertiary accounts for collection on a contingency fee basis. Like our pre-collection account representatives, our dedicated collector groups conduct themselves in a manner to reflect that your reputation is more important than collecting any one account, although our approach on these types of accounts is firmer. We seek to secure balance in full payments or at a minimum arrange suitable payment agreements. We will tailor a program specific to your company.

Skip Tracing:

We realize that people's life situations change quickly today, and as such we have available to our collection representatives the most powerful skip tracing tools. We attempt to locate persons and property using the credit bureaus, electronic directories, on-line search resources, public records and nearby searches. Our expertise in skip-tracing people and assets contributes to our recovery success.


Customers are more sophisticated today than ever. In spite of credit policies that are set to reduce fraud and delinquency, there are those unworthy customers to whom you have granted credit who will not pay willingly. Our staff is prepared to manage your portfolio of accounts that require litigation on a nationwide basis.

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